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The BBQ'ers Best Friend

Whether the occasion is a backyard BBQ, A group event in the park or a camping trip, this handy BBQ timer takes all the guesswork out of BBQ cooking times.

Cook Times

The Weber BBQ timer automagically calculates the perfect cooking time for your food based on the thickness, type of food, and level of cooking desired. The App contains times for various cuts of beef, lamb and chicken, types of sausages, and assorted vegetables.


Cook a variety of meat and vegetables on your BBQ with up to 10 simultaneous multi-timers.
An alert and pop-up message appear when food needs to be turned over, rotated for cross hatching, needs to be placed on the BBQ, or is ready to serve.


All timers have been tested specifically on Weber Model BBQs

Packed With Features

Simply follow the Cook Plan steps, tap the “Start Cooking” button and you’re away!

BBQ cooking times

Timers are automatically calculated to provide the perfect cooking time for your chosen food.

Synced multi-timers

Cook multiple food types on your BBQ using the synced multi-timer technology.

Alert notifications

Notifications appear when it's time to place food on the BBQ, rotate, flip, or cross hatch your food. Alert tones when food is ready to serve.

Custom timers

Create your own custom BBQ timers.

Cook Plan

The Cook Plan arranges all food to finish cooking at the same time.


Get tips on BBQ Maintenance and BBQ Safety.


App Screenshots

Check out our amazing UI and super easy to use step-by-step Cook Plan

Weber BBQ Timer – Screenshot 1
Weber BBQ Timer – Screenshot 2
Weber BBQ Timer – Screenshot 3
Weber BBQ Timer – Screenshot 4
Weber BBQ Timer – Screenshot 5

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It's awesome how all the food is ready to serve at once! Good work guys.

Ben Baby Q

I own a Family Q and the timers are perfect! Cheers

Johnny Family Q

This is best BBQ timer iOS app ever!

Josh Baby Q

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